Hello, Welcome to our world!


Through the course of our work at Centre of Gravity over a decade and
half, there is one thing that never ceases to amaze us. We meet with
people from all walks of life, from those who live in abject poverty
to unabashed opulence, from young entrepreneurs to senior corporate
leaders, from activists to experts from different fields and so on.
Most of these meetings are beautiful in that they almost always,
change the way we think, feel and understand ourselves and the world
around us. It is this possibility that provoked us to create a ‘world
more human’. Welcome.

We hope to be a campus for conversations, starting from quiet
reflections and happy chatter to agitated (but civil) disagreements.
We hope to be a space where people share stories that they encounter
as part of their life and work journeys.

These stories could be just about anything, from heroic journeys to
simple daily truths. Or maybe even the ones that cause deep anguish.

They could have rich textures and shades that make us think a little
or just be ‘the blindingly obvious’ that evokes a quiet acknowledging

They could be drawn from our travels, interest areas such as movies,
standup comedies, hobbies, personal incidents or just plain hearsay.

Join us, for we feel strongly about a world more human. Invite your
friends who you feel belong here as well. And let’s get the
conversation going.

– Rajesh Sahadevan

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