Color Journey – Season 5

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Chasing Indigo

Chasing Indigo : Part 1 of 5

Color Journey – Season 5

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”  – Claude Monet

For some, the subject of color is pretty black and white. Anything beyond what’s in a child’s crayon box serves little purpose. Even that is excessive.

For most of us, we see more. We delight in rainbows and joyful spectral shades in the middle. Especially when these life enriching hues grace our clothes, homes, food, surroundings and the objects we love.

For a passionate few, color is a far deeper, spiritual and demanding life pursuit. Something that calls into play more than just the visual sense. To truly experience the splendour and possibilities of colors, one needs to go beyond its technical and practical aspects and journey unhindered into its very soul.

For five years now Asian Paints has been exploring color through diverse Indian landscapes like Varkala (Kerala) and Rann of Kutch (Gujarat); or through Indian art forms like Pattachitra (Odisha) and Channapatna (Karnataka) toys.

This annual initiative is called Color Journey and is now in its fifth season.
Asian Paints Colour Journey

In Season 5, this routine exploration took a different turn.  Centre of Gravity along with Asian Paints shifted their focus from colors that are the highlights at various Indian destinations, to literally tracking the journey of a single color.

Our experience told us that Indigo with its rich history and resurgent present, had many stories to tell.

That’s the inspiration we craved.
That’s the story we needed.
That’s the color we chased.   

The Author

Rajesh Sahadevan heads Centre of Gravity. He hopes that organisations of the future can listen deeply, have more enriching conversations and create happiness for people it comes in touch with.

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